Sunday, July 29, 2007

Libertine for Target

I bought a new dress this weekend since I had a random Target gift card laying around. It is this little number from the GO: Libertine collection:

There were only two things I really liked from the Libertine for Target collection, this dress and a cool printed tree t-shirt that I can't seem to find on Target's website. If I really like something from the newest GO designer, I try to get it right away. I've noticed that certain items go quickly while the bulk of the collections just sit there waiting for clearance vultures (and I proudly include myself as one of those vultures). That tree shirt I haven't seen since the first day, so I probably won't end up with it. C'est la vie.

I go to Target quite a bit... three different Targets actually. And I have noticed that this dress is going fast. At Target on Friday, they only had one of these dresses left. Sadly it was not my size. But luckily, the dress is available online and so I snagged one before it was too late.

I think it will go great with the cute pair of peep toe wedges I bought last week. On clearance for $5 at, where else? Target.

UPDATE: Damn. This is the most shapeless dress ever made. A Libertine Mumu was not what I was wanting and it was promply returned.

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natalie. said...

what a bummer! it looks so adorable in the photo. target is so hit and miss like that - i feel like it's only safe to buy stuff in the stores where you can try it on your blog btw...