Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Etsy Bliss: The Black Apple

Question: Who doesn't love Etsy?

Answer: (a) mean people (b) people who haven't yet heard of Etsy

I lurve me some Etsy... and I bookmark a lot of Etsy shops for future shopping fun. And so I thought, why not share them?

In this first installment of Etsy Bliss, I'd like to show my love for The Black Apple. It was from The Black Apple's shop that I made my very first Etsy purchase a little over a year ago. Amazingly & blissfully, it happens to be a Black Apple original painting.

I'm still not sure how I got so lucky. Those in The Black Apple know, know that a shop update is an event to set an alarm to. I can't remember if she use to have massive shop updates like she does now... But one day, I was reading her blog, Inside a Black Apple (a daily read), and she had a picture of a newly listed painting up. I instantly clicked through to her shop and was excited to see that it was still available. Especially excited because I adored the painting instantly. That is not difficult, of course, with Emily's paintings... but how often does a red-haired girl who used to fall asleep anywhere & everywhere as a child happen upon a painting like this?

Serendipity at its best, I'd say. She keeps her shop stocked at all times with her great prints and many other fun things. Yeah... I have my eye on a few more things there. Take a look:

The Black Apple Etsy Shop