Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My New Jacket

I needed a suit or other appropriate outfit for an interview this week... I went a couple of different places and didn't find anything. Then I went to the Banana and found this jacket:

The jacket had a matching skirt but I didn't like that much (actually, I liked the skirt, just not on me). It also had matching shorts. Which, I don't know, just seems wrong on so many levels to me. Plus, the sales girl called them gauchos (they weren't really gauchos, they were these). She's really kind of lucky there was a dressing room door between me and her because I have a "no gauchos ever!!" rule. The mere mention of the word can set me off on a mommy-dearest-like tirade. But the jacket I love and it was cheaper in the store than it is online. It looks great paired with a pair of wide leg chocolate brown pants from the gap. I'm looking to find a slightly nicer pair of pants to go with it later but these worked out well this time around.

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