Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Sometimes, it takes me awhile to fall into a habit with a new project... like this blog. I have many ideas/plans for it, I'm just slow at making them happen. I had an idea for it just the other day but quickly lost it. Luckily, tonight, I was re-inspired.

One of my favorite gifts to give to myself are prints. And one of my favorite places to find affordable ones is Nucleus. I am looking to add a print to my collection for the holidays... A new holiday tradition. Now I just need to decide which one to get. So many pretty prints...

To add to my robot print collection (soon to be housed in my dining room... I think):

Amulet Robo - Kazu Kibuishi
Big Head - Khang Le
Robot and Sparrow (In Woods) - Jake Parker

I also love these:

Dance with You - Emma Sky
Fall - Chris Appelhans
Good Life Scene - Kazu Kibuishi
Little Red - Jaime Zollars
Orange Grove - Kazu Kibuishi
Saru No Thought III (Banana Skull) - Mari Inukai
Ultimate Tank 1 - Scott Campbell
Park 1 - Robert Kondo

There are, like, 7 more (at least) that I LOVE.... but I am soooo tired and must sleep now.

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