Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PR Fall 2008

Last week was NY fashion week and I haven't finished sorting through it all to share my favorites. But I have already made my judgment on this seasons Project Runway final show. This year they had 6 designers showing so who knows who is actually in the run for the win... but that won't stop me from sharing my opinions.
Now, full disclosure, I haven't watched even one episode this season. I've been somewhat following on Bravo's website & through Television Without Pity recaps. So basically, I have no favorites based on previous challenges or personalities. I'm being judgey solely based on my personal opinions on photos of the final collections (available @ NYMag.com)...

So, the boys - Jerelle, Suede & Joe - uh... I think they left it at home. I didn't love one outfit in the bunch. I'm hoping they are all three decoys.

And the ladies... here is my favorite outfit from Kenley's collection:

Love it... minus the shoes. I liked two other dresses from her collection. The rest? Fugly.

Next! Leanne. My fave:

A couple of other dresses in her collection were pretty & I loved the color scheme.

And finally, Korto:

These three outfits? Stunning. Love the colors. Love the style. This was by far my favorite collection. I didn't love every outfit... but overall, I felt it was quite lovely & wearable.

My vote is Korto.

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