Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheater, Cheater, Vogue Magazine Reader*

Alright, so last month when I bought Vogue I finally talked myself into getting a subscription again. I let it lapse because... Oh, I don't remember. I didn't have sixteen extra bucks one month? Then I thought that maybe I wouldn't buy it as much. HA! That thought was a big bowl of wrong. So fast forward to last month (pre-spending hiatus), when I was like, "just pay the $16 & you'll be set for a year AND save money." Then I forgot. Dammit! But I wasn't too worried because there are plenty of people Vogue puts on their covers that keep me from buying it. So, I was hoping for a Keira Knightley (Meh) or Sienna Miller (Barf) cover this month. Hahaha... of course, Michelle Obama is on the cover for March:

And, of course, I will buy it. Though, there might be a chance that I can snag both Domino & Vogue the first week of March... then it wouldn't be cheating. Right?

*Yes, I realize this bit of non-cleverness also non-rhymes... I'm off coffee, what do you expect?

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