Friday, February 13, 2009

Elise Blaha Letterpress Tutorial

Elise at the enJOY it blog is super talented and makes lovely letterpress prints & stationary. I have that print above hanging on my fridge. Today she's posted a fantastic (this must be my new favorite word) letterpress tutorial on her blog...

I would love to take a letterpress class someday. That print she is printing (heh) in the tutorial is my all time favorite (so far) of her work. I must have almost bought it about 20x. Alas, it was sold out in her etsy shop when I finally went back to buy it. But now it's back again! During my spending hiatus...

(le sigh)

Oh, well... that's the way it works sometimes, eh?

Go check out her letterpress tutorial! And to see more of her work, visit her blog & the elisejoy etsy shop

images via Elise Blaha

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EliseBlaha said...

hi there...thanks for the link and kind words!! :)