Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Spending Update

One week into my spending hiatus & all is well... here is what I bought last week:
  • groceries - enough food to last 2-3 weeks
  • prescription eye drops
  • soft paws - unfortunately, I'll have to exchange them for smaller size
  • nail trim for Goyle @ Petsmart
  • movie tickets for two
  • full tank of gas
  • credit report - to check out my updated credit score after a dispute was settled
And that's it. I think I did pretty damn good for the first week... the hardest part seemed to be the lack of Starbucks. I don't like plain old coffee so the coffee in my office is not good enough (actually, it's not good at all. It's really quite bad). And when you're a little sleepy & bored at work, a nice latte usually hits the spot. What's funny is that I only go to Starbucks 2x a week but not being able to have it at all last week was like torture. Albeit, the spoiled & entitled young American type of torture. :-D

Anyway, that seemed to be the thing that I obsessed over the most. That and lottery tickets... another thing I don't actually buy that often. So, I guess lattes & lotto are two weaknesses. Oh, and etsy... stop making such awesome things, artsy & crafty people! Maybe I will follow other people's lead and do some "what I'm not buying" posts for all the pretty things tempting me on the internet.

This week looks to be even less spendy as I'm all stocked up on food, gas & uh, eye drops. Heh. Also this week, I have plans to fill up boxes with things I no longer want around my house. So, week 2 should be interesting...

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