Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh... oops.

Ha... just realized that I forgot to do my Monday Spending Update last week. That's what I get for trying to remember things on a Monday. Oh well, it happens. To catch up... I did just fine the week before last. Now this week is another story...

Let's just say that I went out 3x, went to the grocery store 3x and bought a little something on Etsy.


Now, it turns out, that a benefit of being vigilant with your money is that it allows you some leeway those times when you are less than vigilant (go figure). So, I didn't actually do much damage to my budget. As long as I jump back on the wagon for the rest of the month. Which is definitely the plan.

This week I'm planning on spending some money on a new pair of glasses. But the awesome thing about that is: VISION INSURANCE... such a lovely thing to have. So a brand-spanking-new pair of glasses will only set me back about $35 in co-pays. Which I will then immediately get back from my flex-pro account. And what's also awesome is that I just got a new free pair of glasses to replace a damaged pair that were still under warranty. I didn't even know there was such thing! And now I'll have eyewear options! Contacts, glasses, and... other glasses. Fancy.

Other than that extra expense that sort of ends up a non-expense, everything should be back to normal this week.

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