Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The dream shall never die...

When I was getting my car fixed a few weeks ago, I read Ted Kennedy's article in Newsweek about health care reform and nearly started crying. Right there, in an auto shop waiting room.

People say a lot of things about the Kennedy family but one thing nobody can deny is that they served America. They didn't have to. They were rich. They could have sat on their asses, propped flags up on their porches, bitched about taxes & called themselves "real Americans" (seems to be the litmus test lately). But they didn't. After every tragic event, they could have retreated... but they didn't. They evolved, they compromised, they got shit done. A good portion of them still go into public service or work to improve the lives of a great number of people in other ways. And you don't have to agree with any of them to admire that.

Some people would be happy if America goes backwards instead of forward... and that is just sad. Sure, change is scary. But an inability to evolve never ends well. And personally, I just don't get it.


RIP, Senator Kennedy...

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