Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hike #5 :: Adam Run Trail

Before I donated my old car to the local NPR station last year, I cleaned out the trunk. One of the items I found was a set of Metro Parks maps from 1998... they look pretty similar to the little trail maps you can pick up in the parking lot of most of the parks except they have a little history of the park too. Today when we were choosing a park, I pulled them out & we selected an unfamiliar one: Hampton Hills Metro Park. This park is technically in Cuyahoga Valley National Park but is operated by the Metro Park system.

The Adam Run Trail is 3.2 miles & supposedly one of the most demanding trails our local parks have. And well, it was a terrific hike & as for as the local trails go, it was longer w/lots of peaks & valleys. Demanding though? It had it uphill moments but they were balanced out w/flat trails & even on an 84' humid day, I'm not sure I'd describe it as "demanding." I felt pretty energized (though thirsty) by the end & I'm not in very good shape. So there's that. But it is a great trail & one I'm adding to my list of favorites.

But just in case you are also using a 1998 map, there is no longer an 1800's farmhouse (Adam House) by the Bath Rd entrance. I have googled it but can find no mention of what happened to the house since the map was printed 13 years ago. There is still a lake & barn though. Photos!

Lake. Trees. Sky.

Tree Teepee

Dead Girl Scout Forest*

*This is not where a bunch of dead girl scouts are or anything sinister but a forest of pines that some girl scouts planted in 1968 that are now mostly dead.

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