Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(minus)365 :: Day November 1st

Yeah, November, right? What is with that?

204. bag

Remember when I said I've been throwing away a bunch of little stuff & not counting it? It's this kind of stuff. And this time I am counting it...
205. random junk from jewelry box
206. random junk from random box (cellphone will be recycled)
207. random junk from another box
208. random junk from box of kitchen stuff (that cute doggy photo holder is broke or I would be keeping it)

Oh! Look at this. This stuff is stuff that was cluttering my house (my spare bedroom to be exact) even though it is not mine! It's my dad's & now that he has his own house in OH, I moved it there. And I'm counting it! As 6 things! Because now it's not in my house (though, about 25 more boxes of his stuff are still in the basement).
209. Box of my dad's CDs
210. Box of my dad's CDs
211. Box of my dad's CDs
212. Box of my dad's DVDs
213. Box of my dad's books
214. Box of my dad's books

215. snowman plaque
216. magnet
217. little tackle box /
218. pile of random kitchen tools
219. pile of jewelry & barrettes
220. jacket

221. pile of junk from another box (trash/recycling)
222. broken umbrella (trash)

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