Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tag Sale Treasures

I went to a great tag sale the other day. In NEO, it's hard to find the mid-century modern furniture I've always coveted. Now I'm learning its because the 15 people around here who bought it originally are hoarding it until they die. So tag sales are my best hope to find quality vintage pieces. This one the other day was like a jackpot, for somebody else. Somebody who gets their bum outta bed early & has a bit more money than I do these days. One of the pieces they snagged was a gorgeous desk... a friend was curious as to what it looked like so I've been searching the web for pictures. Of course, I can't find one. But I found a couple that combined together could give someone an approximate idea of the coolness of the desk.

When I first spyed it, it immediately reminded me of this:

The Nelson Swag Leg Desk. The top looked a lot like that (with the cubbies) only bigger & all wood. But the bottom was all different, it looked more like this:

It had the floating drawers & peg legs. Put the top & bottom together & there you have it.

Whoever ended up with it is one lucky bastard.


nomad said...

no wonder you're crazy(oof,excuse my language) for these furniture,..
they're beautiful.....

Anonymous said...

No kidding. That would have been an awesome desk. Thanks for digging and finding the pictures!!

Stephanie said...

If you love mid-century furniture, the thing to do is look for it where you don't think it will be - I have gotten some great stuff on the cheap (couch, armchairs, sideboard) by looking in fusty antique stores around the city - often, they get something in and can't sell it because it doesn't match what their clients usually buy. Also, if you field trip to central Ohio, there is TROVES of good stuff - the Springfield Antiques Extravaganza is a good place to start. Thonet, Eames, McCobb - lots of great pieces, not too expensive. It's a place where dealers go to buy.

Happy hunting.