Friday, August 8, 2008


Hee! I just scored free tickets to New Kids on the Block @ The Q. In the loge! Which, if you are going to see your favorite 7th grade pop group 18 years later (holy shit) for purely nostalgic reasons, is totally the way to do it. Hehehehe!

I am probably the only person in the world who could say (and would proudly say) that they saw The Cure, Neil Diamond, New Kids on the Block & Coldplay in concert in the same year. Now if I could just add Madonna into the mix. Hmmmm, she did just announce a Detroit show...


Stephanie said...

That's quite the roster of acts.

And the loge!

mia said...

I know... I'm an odd one.

Those loges are made for people who are indifferent to what they're watching. I don't really get the allure of them... except when I'm getting free tickets to events that I'd never pay for.