Wednesday, August 6, 2008


At first glimpse, I actually thought this was George Harrison & some Pattie Boyd-ish looking girl...

I quickly realized it was actually some fashion spread w/that girl who's always in Vogue who I always think is Gemma Ward at first but then I look closer & realize it's really Sasha Pivovarova. And I know they are two different ladies & that if you look closely they don't really look that much alike but why must they look so similar at first glance? And that's why I love Kate Moss because I always know its Kate Moss. And sorry for all the run on sentences but for reals... every time I pick up Vogue it happens. Uh... sorry, I got off track there. Yeah, so that guy, he's actually Dhani Harrison... George's son. It's an eerie resemblance, isn't it?

via Lisa Durow & foto decadent

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Stephanie said...

EXTREMELY eerie ... I think it would be a little uncomfortable to recreate the world of your parents so completely.