Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Found it!

So, Domino has a feature where some editor spots something somewhere & then tracks it (or a similar piece) down. It's called "Found it!" Clever, eh? Anywho, this is like an accidental version of that... Today I was over at Oh Happy Day where I saw these:

Which lead me to Jonathan Adler's site to drool over his new leather animals. And even better than the pig or hippo, I saw this one:

The leather rhinoceros. Which instantly reminded me of this page I'd ripped out of Vogue:

Which you may think I'd torn out of Vogue a few years back because its a cool photo of some iconic chick... but you'd be wrong. It went more like this, "that's a cool picture of Edie Sedgwick - whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.... is she standing on a leather rhinoceros? Holy crap, I love it. Note to self: get a leather rhinoceros." And now, thx to Jordan & the great Mr. Adler-Doonan*, I know where to get a leather rhinoceros.

Now if only I knew where to get $1100 of disposable income...

*I don't think he actually added Doonan to his last name since getting married... that's just what I call him in my imagination now. Because I (heart) J.Ad and I (heart) Simon Doonan and I (heart) them even more for being together.

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