Monday, July 25, 2011

Time for a list!

I love lists. Sometimes they keep me on task and sometimes they do nothing but allow me to empty my overly active mind of a few thoughts. :D

So, since I'm going all budget goddess, I thought it would be a good thing to make a list of cheap/free house projects I can work on.

Yard stuff - while mulch & stone do cost money, I've already purchased most of what I need for the current project. And the rest of it can be done in steps to keep the cost down. Plus, there are plenty of free things I can do in my yard:
  • rototill sections that I want cleared of grass
  • pull weeds
  • plant a few plants I already bought
  • fill holes I already dug
  • pull weeds
  • install my rain barrel
  • start taking apart my stone patio for repairs
  • pull weeds (this one is endless)
  • put together my fire pit area 
  • prune shrubs/trees/roses
House - So much to do inside, it hurts my brain thinking about it. But so much of it is free or super cheap!
  • finish painting cabinets (already have the paint)
  • re-paint kitchen walls (might need a gallon of paint for this)
  • finish painting trim in kitchen (already have the paint)
  • paint living room walls (already have the paint)
  • install thermostat (already bought)
  • build kitchen table (might cost $15 to buy extra bits)
  • hang shelves in kitchen
  • remove wallpaper in foyer, bathrooms, & 2nd bedroom
  • finish painting trim in 1st bedroom
  • organize lots of closets
  • get rid of more stuff (always)
  • hang art in dining area
  • remove tile in foyer
  • remove tile glue from foyer floor
  • paint foyer floor (will need paint for this)
  • replace light fixture in dining area (already have new fixture)
  • paint inside of closets (have enough paint for 2 or 3 closets)
  • hang curtains in dining area (will need curtain rod, have curtains)
  • clean out / organize basement storage room
  • clean / organize laundry room
  • clean / organize big basement room
  • clean / organize basement project room (it's a huge basement)
  • hang curtains in living room (need curtain rods, have curtains)
  • clean / organize garage
  • remove carpet in 2nd bedroom (the last of it)
  • fix drywall in foyer, bathrooms, 2nd bedroom (after removing wallpaper)
Um, there's probably more but I didn't have coffee today so my mind is sort of dead... will update list later with more & keep it updated as I finish projects. Maybe I'll make a space for a link to the list on the sidebar.

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