Sunday, October 30, 2011

(minus)365 :: More stuff!

Hi again! Time for more photos of more stuff that has left / is leaving my possession.

172. Old couch. As you can see, it did not end well for the pretty vintage pink sofa bed. You can probably guess what happened to it. Goyle. I ripped out the mattress & drug both parts out to the curb. That's the trick should you ever need to move a sofa bed... take out the mattress first.

173. 3 vintage letters
174. 3 photo albums

175. Xmas cards
176. One of those hair removal tools that rips out your hair with a bazillion tiny tweezers
177. 3 candleholders
178. Xmas snow globe
179. 4 little Xmas candles
180. bamboo steamer
181. 2 robe hooks
182. magnetic metal canisters
183. 5 plastic boxes
184. metal tin
185. wood box
186. bracelet
187. mp3 player
188. 2 packs of playing cards

More coming up!

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