Monday, February 27, 2012


I hung a shelf in the foyer - a little spot to place keys & stuff!

As you can see, it is not so much a real shelf. It's actually the casing for an old radio that someone stuck a bunch of nature stamps to. I've always thought it was cool & wanted it mounted to a wall instead of setting on top of something. So I did that! This involved mounting a 2x4 to the wall & then a 1x4 to that. It felt pretty secure but my stud finder was broke so I'm a little worried it will just fall out of the wall. Heh. Hopefully it'll be OK.

On top I set a 2012 calendar (letterpressed moon phases - pretty) and a little soap dish to throw keys in. I also added a couple of vintage National Geographics after I snapped this pic - the yellow looks great against the blue-green wall color. Here's a close up of the soap dish (from

And finally! I'm adding a link to my instagrid on the sidebar, if any non-Apple peeps want to follow my instagram adventures.

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