Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This post is pretty much a reference for moi...

  • Kitchen - Lambs Ear (creamy light grayish green) - Martha Stewart for Kmart (color matched from a way old paint chip) in Valspar Signature Eggshell Finish
  • Dining Area - Clean White (white) - Valspar Signature Matte Finish (I probably should have done this in Eggshell since it's white & next to the back door aka where muddy paws walk in)
  • Master Bedroom - Midnight Bayou (dark tealish blue) - Valspar Signature Eggshell Finish (If I could go back in time, I'd get this in matte finish - dark colors rock hard in matte finish)
  • Foyer - Riverway (darkish blue/green) - Sherwin Williams Cashmere Flat Finish
  • Living Room Reading Nook - Kendall Charcoal (dark gray - perfect charcoal gray IMHO) - Benjamin Moore Regal Select Matte Finish
  • Living Room / Hallway - Filtered Shade (perfect light gray) - Valspar Signature Eggshell Finish
That's it... so far.

I have all of the paint chips somewhere. When I locate them, I will snap a photo.

Some thoughts: After using the Benjamin Moore paint, I may never go back to the cheaper stuff. It was just better. It's definitely more expensive but the Regal Select is a primer/paint combo and covers really well. Even going dark over the old light gloss paint. It's worth the cost. Also, I like matte finish best but I'd already painted / purchased paint for the bedroom & living room before I discovered that. Now that I know that Benjamin Moore has a kitchen / bath paint in matte, I kinda want to repaint my kitchen. Again (but I won't). Basically, I will not repaint anything until every room in the house has been painted at least once. That's my rule. But I will try that matte paint out in a bathroom when I get there (I'm nowhere near there). And I think eggshell is better for super light colors where you will need to wipe the walls often.


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