Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bedtime Stories

For the last couple of years, I have woke up having the same first thought, "Fuck ow, I need a new bed." My mattress has problems -  problems like being old, cheap & having a bad breakup with it's matching boxspring. Plus, I've been wanting to graduate from my bed on the floor to something a little fancier. But man, beds are expensive. The particular bed frame I love is from cb2... but it only comes in Queen & King Size. I have a full size mattress, so to buy the frame, I'd have to also locate funds for a new mattress. (grumble grumble) A new bed in the near future was just a pipe dream. But I find that if I wait long enough, eventually something will pop up in my thrifting life.

My favorite Saturday activity is going to tag sales... Tag Sailing is what I call it. Tag sales usually happen because parents die & the kids need to unload a house full of stuff. So they hire a company to tag all the stuff and open the house for a weekend. My neighborhood seems to have a decent amount of them, I guess due to the amount of people who bought houses there & stayed put for decades. It's almost always interesting, if only to get to see inside other people's houses. Sometimes the prices on stuff are cray-cray but, for the most part, you can find nice things & get good deals.

Yeah, so Saturday. Saturday I found a bed. I stopped into a sale just as they were closing up & there were two beds still there. One all cherry & ornate & traditional. Not my thang. The other was simple, solid & mid-century. And well-priced. And 25% off of an already great price. Bam! Sold.

I already hacked it a bit - removed the wheels & added slats to it so I can use it with just a mattress. It's still higher than I like but the better / less painful sleeping is making up for it. It's that orange wood that I don't like very much so I may paint it or refinish it. Or I might paint the floor in this room & see how I feel about the wood color then. We'll see. Right now I'm just gonna enjoy snoozing on it. Zzzzzzzz.

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