Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Living Room, Pt. 2

After I finished the reading nook walls, the rest of my living room looked sad. The previous owner had, at some point, painted everything with semi-gloss off-white paint. And by everything, I mean everything - walls, trim, outlets, switches, heat registers, cold air returns, etc. Yuck. People, do me a favor & stop painting over things that can be easily removed in 5 seconds with a screwdriver. Mmkay?

I already had the paint for the rest of the room - Filtered Shade by Valspar. In fact I've had it for 2.5 years. For real. Did I mention this room is giant & painting takes forever? Heh. Any way, the paint was still good so even though I'm in love with matte finishes now, I decided to go ahead & eggshell up the rest of the room.

It took FOREVER. No, not really but it sure does seem like it when you're climbing up & down a ladder. I did the hallway walls and back wall first (floor plan coming soon!) That took 10 hours over 2 days. Then I worked on a tiny wall during the week. Finally, I finished up the last 3 sections over 3 days last weekend.

The room is still a mess from moving things around to have room to paint so there are still no fancy before & after photos. I want to paint the trim but needed a week off because my hand was starting to claw up. So here is Goyle on a chair in front of the freshly painting walls - it kinda looks off-white here but it's actually the perfect light gray.

And here is Ginger on the same chair - the color looks a little better in this pic:

Woohoo, progress!

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