Thursday, May 3, 2012

On the Hunt

As part of my living room painting prep, I dismantled the big bookshelf that took up most of the back wall (seen here). I'm not putting it back in the living room. Why? Because I can't figure it out... styling wise.

It's an odd size with the supports blocking parts of shelves... and no matter what pretty things I put on it, it just never looks right to me. Plus, I'm prone to cluttering up flat surfaces so 6 wide shelves are a constant nightmare to keep clear. And I usually fail.

So I'm on the hunt for something different. A pretty mid-century credenza is my first choice, followed closely by low & wide mid-century dresser. I'm basically looking for something that looks like this piece. Closed storage & only 1 flat surface. Hehe.

I saw a GORGEOUS credenza last year at my favorite used furniture store but it was being sold as part of a 9 piece dining room set. I went back a couple of days later to ask if I could just buy the credenza but it was gone. Boo. Every since then, the place has been credenza free. They do have a constant supply of dressers but they're never quite right. I have no luck with Craigslist and nothing has popped up in my Tag Sailing adventures. I'm hoping that putting this wish out there will make it happen.

I will triumph!!

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