Friday, May 4, 2012

Floor Plan

I've been meaning to do a floor plan for my house for a long long time... finally got tired of waiting to do it proper so here is a kinda wonky but mostly accurate one. The pantry / closet by the kitchen is all wrong but I didn't notice until I uploaded the pic so whatever. Close enough. Here it is (click to see it full-size):

There you have it. Now y'all will know where I'm talking about when I mention the reading nook or foyer.

Some stuff & plans:
  • The BIG bedroom used to be two rooms but the old owner knocked down a wall & made it one room. I hope to put the wall back up and turn the house into a 3 bedroom again. 
  • I use the bedroom in the front of the house (which always makes me quote Coal Miner's Daughter where Loretta tells Doo, "You don't put the danggone bedroom in the front of the house."). 
  • There is a walk-thru bathroom (connects the bedroom to the foyer) in my bedroom. I want to close off the door in the foyer & build a bigger shower. The current shower is what I refer to as a "coffin shower" ... dark & tiny. Me no likey. 
  • In the other bathroom, I want to replace the hinged door with a sliding door because there is very little floor space and you have to squish in the close the door.
Other than that, there aren't a lot of big changes I want to make to the inside of the house.  Everything else is pretty much aesthetic changes. Well, unless I win the lottery... but that's a different blog post. :D

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