Monday, May 14, 2012

Chairs, haircuts, fraps, & naps

Oh, Monday. Who invited you to the party?

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity. Drinks & coffee with a couple of friends I don't see often, tag sailing, haircuts, Mother's Day, yard work, etc. I need another weekend to feel rested. Heh. Photo bomb!

I got a much-needed haircut. I've probably mentioned before that I hate getting haircuts. Well, that's not true. I love getting haircuts when I know & trust the stylist. Unfortunately, my old awesome stylist quit about 4 years ago & now I float around looking for someone new to fill the void. I have not found this person yet. On Saturday, I went back to an old salon where I used to get nice cuts & tried yet another new stylist. Yeah, she's been voted off the island of possibilities. I brought a picture, and not some supermodel from a magazine, a picture of ME with the haircut I want (this photo). The haircut I got (above) is not horrible but it's not right at all. And that was after she finished and I tried to explain why it wasn't right. At some point, I just made her put down the scissors. She wasn't getting it and I didn't want her hacking away at it anymore. Maybe next time...

My new-to-me chair!!! And ottoman!! I stopped into a tag sale fresh from my haircut and found these squished in different corners of the attic. I didn't have my checkbook or any cash so I had to run home & hope they were still there when I got back. Luckily, they were & I dragged them downstairs. The best part? $30 for the set. THIRTY DOLLARS!!! Amazingsauce. They are going to get fresh cushions (the chair & ottoman cushions do not actually match, it's a trick of lighting / instagram filtering) & live in the reading nook. This find brought me out of my meh haircut moodiness.

Later when I met my friend Joe for coffee, I took the opportunity to try out a frappuccino I'd heard about from our office tech genius. It's a chai creme frappuccino, made with soy milk. It's not on the menu at my Starbucks, which always throws me off, but it does indeed exist. And it is indeed delicious. Super delish even. Go try one. Unless you don't like chai or something. Then get whatever you want. Or nothing. I'm not the boss of you.

Finally, did you know yesterday was Mother's Day? And that I'm mommy to two extra adorable puppehs? They took me for a nice morning walk to thank me for keeping them filled w/delicious holistic food & snausages. Afterward, they passed out... one by my feet & one by my side. That's just how we do. :)

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