Friday, May 11, 2012


Friday, Friday, Yea! I had a couple of posts planned this week but, alas, I did not get around to them. Here's a round-up of some random happenings...

I started another project. Yep. Big surprise. I can't get excited about picking up a paintbrush again quite yet. So instead of painting trim, I am tearing out the carpet in my spare room. My spare room has been bringing me down lately, as it's filled with extra junk, and all the extra junk in my house feels extra extra heavy these days. I'm feeling a big purge coming on... the carpet should not have been a big priority in this room but to me, it makes the room feel slightly emptier. Plus, it's allowing me to consolidate the things I need to go through into an easier-to-handle space. So that's happening.

I updated my floor plan. Added the permanent fixtures in the kitchen / bath & fixed the pantry / utility closet situation. Still not perfect but it's the best that's going to happen for now.

Look at my munchkin... is he not the cutest ever (tied with Gingerbean, of course)? Goyle has a weird little bump on his foot & I'm all freaked out about what it might be. He's always trying to eat bugs so my hope is that a bug bit back & that's all it is. I'm keeping a close eye on it & made an appointment to get it checked out next week. Until then, the most spoiled dog in the world is getting extra hugs & cookies. And I'm letting him sleep on that fluffy blanket that he loves. It makes a good backdrop for extra adorable pix, too... ;)

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