Friday, October 28, 2011

(minus)365 :: Day OMG how is it November Already!!

Oh hai. Remember this challenge I had? I promise I have been staring down everything I own in an attempt to delete the excess. But I'm way behind on tracking it all. So I'm gonna attempt to play catch up in the next few days. Last week, I wrote out a list of stuff to do to get my 2nd bedroom in order. One item was to find 25 more things to add to the boxes that I am definitely taking to Goodwill this weekend (I swear). So last night I made it happen. Here are the results:

There you have it. 25 things + 1 more. I am not numbering the photos anymore because that is a ridiculously long process. But here is what is what...

146. Angel stationary set
147. Bar tool set
148. Memo pad
149. Those discs that were obsolete like  10 years ago
150. Playboy stationary set
151. Hose sprayer
152. Just Moved postcards
153. Electronic organizer
154. Another over the door hook
155. Picture frame
156. 3 picture frames
157. Candle holders
158. Mouse
159. Cocktail shaker
160. Thermos
161. Milk frother & accessories
162. An external CD burner (what in the what did I still have this for?)
163. More picture frames
164. 2 binders
165. Sheet music for a guitar I no longer have
166. Mouse pad
167. James Dean tie
168. Jar
169. Phone ear piece thingy
170. Tape dispenser
171. Towel hook

Woot. I have at least 30 things at home that I haven't aimed a camera at yet, but I will do that when I reorganize the boxes tonight.

So, do I have 164 more things? Hmmm. If I had counted each thing in a pile (clothes, dvds, etc) individually + all the stuff I have tossed in the trash, I'd be way over the 365 goal already. Maybe I will start doing that? We'll see. There is still plenty to go & I might still make it yet. The important thing is that I get rid of this stuff not the ultimate ending number, right?

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